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Escape Game (Late for work)

English Version of Escape Game (Apple)

The administrator of www.amusedme.com is providing the English translations.


Flash player is required to play this game.

This is a free flash game.

There is no sound.

You have to get out by 9:30.

There is an "Idea Button". For more info click the "Idea Button" and then click "Item Details".

You might be able to combine some items by using the "Item Details" button.

The object is to escape the room by clicking suspicious areas with the mouse.

Clicking on an item in your inventory will allow it to be used,
this is indicated by a red box around the game.

Click the ZOOM button while an item is selected (has a red box around it) to view the item in detail.

You can also use items together by selecting another item while the first is zoomed.

English Translation for this game provided by ttancm.

ttancm's website can be found her.


The site introduces interesting and amusing images, videos and games in English.

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